100 % Recycled Pink PLA pro, 1.75 mm, 250g

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Pink rPLA pro 3D printing filament, 250 g, 1.75 mm (±0.06 mm tolerance), made from 100 % recycled plastic. It's made from discarded and failed 3D prints that were shredded and remelted, and from filament that didn't meet manufacturing high quality standards.

This gorgeous pink rPLA prints with a glossy finish, and our 250 g (approximately 1/2 lbs.) spool is the perfect solution for small projects!

Made in New Zealand, including the all-cardboard spool, the bag, the label, and the instruction card. The spool is shipped in a thick re-usable plastic pouch with zip closure.

Recommended settings: Nozzle: 210-220°C. Bed: 50-60°C.