3D Printing Quote

3D Printing Quote

Q. I have my design ready in a 3D printable format, How much does it cost to be printed?

A. Please export your 3D Design in .STL or .3mf file using the order form link "3D Print My Design" click here   Or send us an email with all the details to 3dpcnz(at)(gmail)(dot)com 

Summit your file for evaluation, we will check if the design is suitable for 3D printing and provide a quote to print and deliver.

File type: STL, 3mf
Build size: Size of your design will depend on our printing capabilities
3D Printing technology: FFF 3D Printer 
Please choose the colour, material and quality, we may also recommend for you.


  • Initial setup fee, this includes preparing the model file to be printed with our 3D printer, adding necessary supports, slicing and virtual checking and setup for print.
  • Printer rate fee, this is charged per minute of usage, please be aware high detailed prints and big models will take longer.
  • Material usage cost, this is charged per gram/ml and the type of filament or other materials used.

All designs must be sent to us in the correct file types.

Payment: Payment can be made directly to our bank account or via order link to our website for credit card payment or laybuy, you can also visit us in person and make the payment by eftpos. Please note large jobs will require a deposit up front before printing can start and balance paid in full before dispatch, smaller jobs will require payment in full before printing can start, services are not refundable once engaged.

Our available stock for printing your design

FFF 3D Printers: This printer uses plastic filaments that melts the extruded filament through a nozzle onto a print bed layer by layer, various types of filaments are available, if your design is larger than the print area we can split the design and you can glue together later, we will inform you if this is necessary.

  • Filaments: PLA, PETG, TPU, Wood, Marble, Transparent
  • Filament Colours: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Greys and more..

    Quality of 3D printing

    • Low(draft) - fast printing good for prototypes
    • Medium - standard layer height and standard nozzle width
    • High quality - thinner layer height, fine nozzles, slow printing and higher cost

    Post processing: This is up to you to finish, the model may require some sanding, undercoat, painting, gluing and putting together.

    Intellectual property of all designs sent to us will remain confidential and property of the designer, we will not sell or make use of any designs in digital or printed format to a third party unless we have the permission of the original designer.

    Other colour filaments are available if in stock